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Credit Reports and Scores

In today's tough economic times, it pays to check your credit score often. Millions of consumers, just like you, continue to check their credit standings every single day. This site offers the fastest, most reliable, and secure credit reporting online. Have peace of mind and get your credit score report today!

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Why bother checking credit reports and scores?

Knowing as much as possible about credit reports and credit scores is something that every individual should do in order to keep on track of their finances. Credit reports and scores are used by lenders to determine whether you are viable for the credit that they are offering. This can be anything from a bank loan to a mortgage to car loan and so understanding what credit reports are and how to maintain them is highly important.

What is a Credit Report?

A credit report is basically detailed information about your credit history. This will include information about any past loans that you have taken out, how quickly you repaid your credit, whether you had any late payments and even, in some cases, how you pay your bills. Your credit card information will also be included in a credit report and this will include information about when you took the credit cards out, the history of your credit card payments, whether you have a balance left on the card and whether you have ever defaulted on your payments.

Furthermore information about your financial history may also be included on your credit report so if you have filed for bankruptcy in the past, if you currently have any financial lawsuits out against you or if you have ever had to foreclose a property, you can expect that this too will be documented.

What is a Credit Score?

Based on the information in your credit report you will be awarded a credit score. The more financial problems that you have had, the lower your score will be. Likewise if you are careful with your finances you will be rewarded with a high credit score. Your credit score will be used by lenders to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the loans they have on offer. This is especially true when it comes to credit cards: some of the credit cards that have a lot of perks are only available to those with a high credit rating, and this is for the reasons listed above.

Who Determines Your Credit Score?

Your credit scores are determined and maintained by agencies known as credit bureaus. These are highly accurate companies that will take note of anything in your history that is related to credit and loans. When you apply for credit you will be asked to give your creditor a number of details about your credit history which they will then check with the credit bureau. This is why you should always be as accurate and detailed as possible.

Checking Your Credit Report

It is possible to request information about your credit score from a credit bureau. It is advised to do this no more than once a year. When you receive your credit report you can make sure that it is accurate and that nothing has been documented incorrectly. If it has you can speak to the credit bureau and ask for changes to be made. The only other way to improve your credit rating is to ensure that you make your payments on time and do not default on any payments. If you are responsible financially you will slowly start to see your credit rating improve.