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Prepaid Debit Card Offers

Prepaid debit cards aren't just for people with bad credit. These cards are also great for those who want to put a limit on their spending or someone else's. Cardholders set a spending limit for themselves or someone else like a teenager, and will be able to see where and how the money is spent. You can deposit as much money as you like on the card and then use it to make purchases up to that amount. These types of cards don't usually require a credit check.
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GO2bank Credit Recommended: All Credit Types Considered


Guaranteed Approval: No
Credit Check: No
Direct Deposit: Free


Activation Fee: $0
Monthly Fee: No monthly fees with eligible direct deposit, otherwise $5 per month
Guaranteed Approval: No
Credit Check: No
Direct Deposit: Free
Activation Fee: $0
Monthly Fee: No monthly fees with eligible direct deposit, otherwise $5 per month

GO2bank Credit Recommended: All Credit Types Considered

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Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid cards are similar to gift cards that you can buy and use at retail stores however there are fees associated with this type of cards. Since you pay in advance there are no credit checks or employment requirements when you apply for prepaid card offers. Therefore, such cards are generally used by people with bad credit history to get a credit card or by those who prefer the convenience of plastics.

There are many occasions in life where using a card is either, more convenient or required. If you have ever tried to make hotel reservations, book a flight or rent a car, you understand that cash don't rule the world. By using a prepaid card, you have most of the benefits of credit cards without the danger of going in debt. Since you can only use the amount that you have loaded on the card, you are never to pay late fees or over the limit penalties.

The drawbacks of prepaid cards are various fees for setting up and maintaining an account. In addition to account fees you should also be prepared for the fact that not all vendors will accept prepaid cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is prepaid card good for?

Prepaid cards are good for anyone. However, if you want to build or establish your credit, they will be useless for you. Prepaid cards do not give access to credit line and therefore they are not reported to the major credit bureaus, which is an important condition when you build a credit history. Prepaid cards are good when you want to get a convenience of a plastic card and electronic payments. They are also good for acquiring a habit of making payments on time and managing your finances properly.

How do prepaid cards work?

Prepaid cards look like credit cards but they do not work like them. With a prepaid card you should put money onto the card before you can use the card. When you use a prepaid card, the amount of your purchases is deducted from the balance of the card reducing the available amount. Once you’ve used the entire balance, you have to reload money onto your prepaid card before you can use it again. You do not have to worry about interest or late payments. There is no revolving balance or due dates to remember but you still can be charged fees for a prepaid card use.

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a payment card that you load with money before you can use it for purchases. It looks like a credit card: it has card number, signature strip, company branding, Visa or MasterCard logo, and your name. But prepaid cards are not credit cards and do not give you access to a line of credit. You can’t borrow money with a prepaid card, you can only spend money loaded onto it. And because of that prepaid cards are not reported to the major credit bureaus and do not help you build your credit. Prepaid cards give you convenience of electronic payments.

How to get a prepaid card?

You won’t need an established credit history to qualify for a prepaid card. You can get a prepaid card with bad or no credit at all because they do not require credit check or bank account. You can apply for a prepaid card online or get it at your local bank. Some prepaid cards are even sold at supermarkets. Just make sure you read the card’s terms before you get it. Many prepaid cards have high maintenance fees and processing fees.