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Airline Credit Card Offers

Are you a frequent traveler or are you an occasional traveler? Either way you could really benefit from airline credit cards. Not only do they make it easier to travel for business or for pleasure, but you can also earn great rewards at the same time. Rewards that you can use to make it even easier to travel, see the world, or take care of business, all at the same time.

  • No annual fee & unlimited 1.5x Miles on every dollar you spend on purchases.±
  • Exclusive Double Miles Offer: At the end of your first year - when other Miles cards charge an annual fee - Discover doubles all the Miles you´ve earned.
  • 100 Miles = $1 value. Redeem Miles in any amount toward travel purchases on your statement. Or get cash as a direct deposit to your bank account.
  • Discover pays you back for your in-flight Wi-Fi fees - up to $30 a year - with an automatic statement credit.
  • Free FICO® Credit Score on your monthly statements, on mobile app and online.±
  • 100% U.S. based service at your dedicated phone number - day and night.
  • Free overnight shipping of replacement cards to any U.S. street address at your request. And you´re never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card.
  • ±See rates, rewards, free FICO® Credit Score terms and other info by clicking "Apply Now." See complete Discover it® Miles details.
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Intro APR on Balance TransfersIntro APR on PurchasesOngoing APRAnnual Fee
(12 months)
(12 months)
10.99% -
22.99% Variable±
  • Excellent Credit Required - Applicants that do not have excellent credit will not be approved.
  • Low 9.25% variable standard purchase APR and platinum benefits.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • No balance transfer fee for balances transferred in response to this online offer.
  • Travel Rewards - cardholders who enroll in the program receive one point per net dollar spent.
  • Choose any U.S. based airline or ticket class. No blackout dates or seating restrictions.
  • Other travel related options are hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rental, and restaurants.
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Intro APR on Balance TransfersIntro APR on PurchasesOngoing APRAnnual Fee
  • Fly any airline, stay at any hotel, anytime.
  • Earn miles on every purchase, every day.
  • 0% Intro APR.
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Intro APR on Balance TransfersIntro APR on PurchasesOngoing APRAnnual Fee
see sitesee siten/a$0

Fly Yourself To Better Rewards With Air Miles Credit Card

With the flexibility of more businesses and the increase in families traveling more for a variety of reasons, earning free airline tickets and other perks can be just the benefit you can capitalize on easily. If you actively use an air miles credit card, you will find that you can earn rewards that mean something to you.

Frequent flyers no doubt spend a lot of time in the air and money on flights. Imagine if you could earn free flights by paying for your current tickets with your card. Beyond that, you can continue to earn valuable miles rewards when you stop for gas, shop for groceries, or make a purchase at a local department store.

Airline credit card offers are sponsored by many of the leading card issuers and many cards are available from the airline itself. Most cards will enable you to earn miles for every dollar spent on the card. During the initial sign up or for an introductory period of time, many cards offer bonus miles just for being a customer. To further extend the perks your rewards credit card, miles can also be redeemed for cash, travel credits, or gift cards. This makes your earned rewards much more versatile, even for the frequent flyer.

Each air miles card has different terms and the APR will be dependent on individual applicant's credit history. To make the most of it, it is important to pay your monthly bill on time each month so you can continue to accrue earned rewards. Be sure to compare all available cards and find the one that makes the most sense with your life and travel needs. If you tend to use one or two airlines for all your travel, start with any miles cards that are specif to that airline.

Earning air miles can be very beneficial to all who fly often. As the cost of plan tickets have increased significantly in the past years, saving the most money you can is in your own best interest, especially for those who travel a lot or who have plans to fly several times a year. Earning rewards requires no additional efforts on your part. In the past, many credit card companies used to offer double rewards points. Recent cutbacks will earn less, but still valuable points on every purchase you make.

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