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The Bancorp Bank Prepaid Cards

The Bancorp Bank is one of the nation's top five issuers of Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards. The Bancorp Bank provides experienced service to businesses and consumers, and its products are FDIC-insured. Applying for The Bancorp prepaid cards, you move one step closer to an easy and smooth management of your finances. If you have no credit history or your history is bad and you want to put your finances in order, try one of the prepaid products you see below. The Bancorp Bank guarantees approval without checking your credit history or your annual income.
The Bancorp Bank PREPAID CARDS
Activation Fee:
Monthly Fee:
Guaranteed Approval:
Credit Check:
Rewards Program:
$4.95; one-time charge
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No Rewards Program
Credit Recommended: See website for Details*
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The Bancorp Bank Prepaid Card Offers

Prepaid cards from the Bancorp Bank target consumers and businesses with any credit histories, including those with bad credit or no credit at all. It is quite easy to get the Bancorp Bank prepaid cards since no credit check is required. As such, you can enjoy 100% guaranteed approval.

The prepaid cards are much safer than carrying paychecks or large amounts of cash. You can have your paycheck or tax refund direct deposited or you can deposit your cash personally onto your Bancorp Bank prepaid card and have a secure, instant and easy access to your funds. And don't worry about going into the debt since you can only spend what you put onto your Bancorp card. Load the Bancorp Bank prepaid card and use it to pay your bills and make your everyday purchases. If you need cash, you can withdraw money from the Bancorp card at ATMs worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I add money to my PayPal prepaid MasterCard?

There are three several ways to add money to your prepaid card. The first is direct deposit. It is easy and free way to add money to your prepaid card. To receive deposits, you should be enrolled in direct deposit. The second way is to reload your card using NetSpend reload network. And the last one is to use reload packs. This method is convenient when you do not have your prepaid card with you. Reload packs are available at many retail locations.

Do I need to activate my prepaid card?

Yes. You will need to activate your prepaid debit card if you want to use it. You can activate your card online on the issuer’s website, or you can activate over the phone. To activate your card, you will need to provide the card number, security code and last four digits of your Social Security Number.

When will I receive my PayPal prepaid MasterCard?

When you apply for the card online, your card will be mailed to you on the first business day after your application was submitted. If you do not receive your card within 10 business days, you should call The Bancorp Bank customer service.

How to apply for the PayPal prepaid card, what do I need to qualify?

You can apply for the PayPal credit card online by filling out an online application form. There is no credit check and no upfront fees when you apply for the card online. To apply for the card, you will need to provide your name, street address, date of birth, Social Security number (SSN) and some other information. To qualify for the card, you should be a U.S. resident over 18 years of age with a valid SSN and a verifiable physical U.S. street address.