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Providian is now a part of Washington Mutual, so for a very long time now Providian credit cards have been synonymous with quality and service. The Providian Visa Platinum credit card is unique, in being the first card to offer users access to their FICO credit scores. This is just one of the many innovations that Providian credit cards have been working on.

Here at we offer some alternative credit cards. They are not Providian credit cards but not less advantageous.

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  • No Employment Check.
  • Reports to a Major Credit Bureau.
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  • Bad Credit accepted.
Min. Required Credit HistoryIntro APR on Balance TransfersIntro APR on PurchasesOngoing APRAnnual Fee
Badn/an/a0.00%See Terms
  • See if you Pre-Qualify without harming your credit score.
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FairN/AN/A15.90% - 24.40% Variable$0 - $99
  • All credit types welcome to apply!
  • Initial Credit Limit of $500.00!* (subject to available credit).
  • Fast and easy application process; results are provided online!
  • Monthly reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus.
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  • Checking Account Required.
Min. Required Credit HistoryIntro APR on Balance TransfersIntro APR on PurchasesOngoing APRAnnual Fee
Bad/NoN/AN/ASee Terms*See Terms*

Best Providian Credit Card Offers

Back in the day when Providian was still one of the leading credit card companies in America, it was able to make a lot of money from the "subpar" market segment of the industry. This segment is comprised of clients whose credit histories contain several blemishes.

Problems rose when losses began outrunning the high fees and interest rates. By October 2001, Providian lost its operations and was then acquired by Washington Mutual, the country's biggest savings and loan firm, by the middle of 2005.

After the merger, Washington Mutual proceeded to control operations from Providian's headquarters in San Francisco, California. Washington Mutual also became the main provider of Providian credit cards which are known to have customized abilities to fit the needs of individual customers. Providian card services customize each credit card, making sure that it would suit the preferences of each customer. The following are the different types of Providian credit card offers and their features.

There is the Providian Visa Platinum Card. This card caters mainly to American consumers. The credit cardholder is given full access to his or her Fico Credit scores. There are also many restaurants and retailers that offer discounts and coupons to Providian Visa Platinum credit cardholders. Credit limit is also set to correspond with the needs of the cardholder and credit lines are regularly checked so that credit limit increases can be implemented for qualifying customers.

There is also the Providian Real Rewards, which provides a lot of reward programs for customers who use their credit cards for their purchases, as well as those who may payments on time. Other benefits include the redemption of points in the form of airline travel discounts, restaurant discount cards, and more. Cardholders can also use their reward points to make their APRs lower.

Providian Cash Rewards, on the other hand, gives the cardholder rewards in the form of cash rebates. Depending on the purchases made by the cardholder, cashback rewards are given accordingly.

Lastly, there is the Premium Points credit account. This system is a reward program wherein the cardholder earns a point for each dollar spent with the credit card.

Aside from these credit accounts, Providian also offers a lot of other services in the form of money market deposit accounts, savings products, institutional investors' services, and certificates of deposit. There are also several ways for Providian customers to process their payments. Payments can be made over the internet, the phone, or regular mail.