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ACE Flare™ Account by MetaBank®

No-fee cash withdrawals at participating ACE Cash Express locations

Credit Recommended:

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    CARD TYPE: Prepaid

    Prepaid card is a card that you load with money first and then use to make purchases or pay fees.

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    WHO CAN GET IT: Consumer

    These credit cards are for the average consumer who needs a credit card for personal use.

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    Using this card you will be able to earn cash back on all your purchases or on purchases in specific shopping categories.

  • No-fee cash withdrawals at participating ACE Cash Express locations
  • Get paid up to 2 days faster with Direct Deposit
  • Unlock optional savings account
  • Spend as usual! ACE Cash Express and Netspend donate to NBCF when you make purchases.
  • Earn rewards when you activate special offers
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    Credit Check:
    Direct Deposit:
  • FEES
    Activation Fee:
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    Monthly Fee:
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    Domestic ATM Withdrawal Fee:
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    Daily Deposit Limit:
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    Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit:
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    Maximum Card Balance:
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    Overdraft Available:
    Overdraft Fee:
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    Maximum Overdraft Limit:
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ACE Flare™ Account by MetaBank®

Questions & Answers about the card:

How to activate my prepaid card from Metabank?

If you haven’t received instructions with your card, then you should contact MetaBank for assistance at 1.866.559.5037. Make sure you have your card number and the security code from the back of your card (or PIN number) handy when you contact the bank.

I have a Visa debit card, can use it with Apple Pay?

Visa cards can be used with Apple Pay. However, not all banks work with Apple Pay. For example, such major banks like Citi, Chase and Bank of America work with Apple Pay and their Visa cards can be enrolled in Apple Pay. Please contact the issuer of your card or Visa company to find out if your bank is working with Apple Pay.

Will I qualify for a prepaid card from MetaBank if I have no credit?

It is rather easy to get a prepaid card issued by MetaBank. When you apply for the card the bank won’t check your credit because there is no need in it as the bank issues prepaid cards and prepaid cards come without any line of credit. So, you will qualify for the card even if you have no credit history. The only general requirements are you should be a U.S. resident over 18 years of age with a valid SSN and a verifiable physical U.S. street address.

How to add money to my Metabank card?

MetaBank offers several ways to add money to their prepaid cards. The cardholders can set up free direct deposit to get paychecks and tax refunds deposited to their card faster. Or they can use one of the reload locations (Green Dot, for example). There are more than 65,000 reload locations throughout the U.S.