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Up to $250 for first time borrowers

Credit Recommended:

Any Credit Welcome

  • Up to $250 for first time borrowers
  • Good credit NOT required
  • Instant decision on loan approval
  • Apply in as few as 5 minutes
  • Visit site to see if available in your state

Questions & Answers about loans:

Can I pay back my Lend Up loan earlier, before the due date?

Yes. LendUp will allow you to pay your loan early. You will need a debit card to do this. Once you choose to pay your loan early, the transaction will be processed instantly and the lender will send a confirmation message immediately to your online account.

How fast will I get money if I apply with LendUp?

If approved, you can receive the funds as fast as on the day you are approved. Actually you can choose how fast you can receive your loan from LendUp. The lender offers three options: standard (the funds will be posted to your account by the next business day), 15-minute transfer (if your debit card is supported), and same-day transfer (for Wells Fargo accounts only). Note that when you opt for instant and same day deposit options, you may be asked to pay a fee.

When my LendUp loan will appear on my credit reports?

It depends on the level of your loan. LendUp Platinum and Prime level loans are reported to the three major credit bureaus and will, therefore, appear on your credit reports. Each credit bureau determines the exact timeline in which this information is recorded and displayed on your credit reports.

Will I be able to build my credit score using Lendup?

Yes, you will, provided you make all required payments on time. LendUP reports to many credit bureaus, including to specialty credit bureaus used by many private lenders who provide different types of loans. The company also reports to all three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. However, LendUp is designed to get you money quickly, teach you about credit, and to put you on path to a better financial future. We would not recommend you to use only LendUp to build your credit as it is an expensive form of credit. You can find cheaper alternatives, such as secured credit cards.