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Horizon Gold

Instant $500 Credit Line. No Credit Check.

Credit Recommended:


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    CARD TYPE: Unsecured Store Card

    Unsecured Store Card is a credit card which is tied to a particular retail store or a chain of stores and which does not require a cash collateral deposit.

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    WHO CAN GET IT: Consumer

    These credit cards are for the average consumer who needs a credit card for personal use.

  • Must have Active Debit Card or Credit Card to qualify.
  • Instant $500 Credit Line.
  • No Credit Check.
  • No Employment Check.
  • Reports to a Major Credit Bureau.
  • Fast Online Application.
  • Bad Credit accepted.
    Intro APR on Purchases:
    Regular APR:
    Minimum Grace Period:
    Intro APR on Balance Transfers:
    Regular APR:
    Balance Transfer Fee:
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    Intro APR on Cash Advances:
    Regular APR:
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    Annual Fee:
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    Application Processing Fee:
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Horizon Gold

Questions & Answers about the card:

When will I receive my Horizon card?

As a rule, it takes about two weeks to receive your card after approval. However, in some cases it may take a bit more time for your card to arrive in mail. You can always contact the bank and ask when you receive your card or ask for expedited delivery.

Are Horizon cards good for people with bad credit?

Yes. Horizon cards are aimed at people with bad credit and at those who want to re-establish their credit. Horizon cards offer rather high credit limit in comparison with other credit cards for people with bad credit. Horizon cards are reported to at least one credit bureau, so you will have an opportunity to improve your credit.

Will I be able to pay bills using Horizon card?

Horizon cards are shopping credit accounts that can only be used at The cards are not affiliated with any payment network and do not have a Visa or a Mastercard label on them. Therefore, you won’t be able to pay bills using Horizon Gold cards.

I can’t activate my Horizon card, how can I do it?

To activate your Horizon credit account, you should go to and log in using your card number and your ZIP code. If you cannot log in to your account, you should contact Horizon Card Services’ customer service and ask for assistance.