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Guide to Choosing the Best Small Business Credit Card

A dedicated business credit card is an indispensable tool for handling the operating expenses of your small business. A good one gives you a convenient way to make purchases for your business and provides a ready source of short-term credit. The records generated by credit purchases also provide a convenient source of tracking expense data and help for managing your business finances. Card issuers offer an extensive array of credit and debit cards designed specifically for small business. If you already own or plan to start a business, you probably get offers regularly in the mail. The competition for your credit card business means better deals for you. A good business credit card can:

  1. Give you immediate buying power.
  2. Be a source of interest-free short-term loans if you pay off your bills each month.
  3. Help you track business expenses, including those of employees if you give them cards.
  4. Give you a reward on purchases if you get a card that offers it.