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Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Credit Card Offers

ABOC is short for Amalgamated Bank of Chicago, a commercial bank that offers a full range of products and services to consumers and businesses. ABOC is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has an additional brunch office in Warrenville, Illinois. ABOC personal services include checking and savings accounts, personal loans, and credit cards among the others. Credit cards are offered to people with established credit. However, people with poor credit and nor credit at all can take advantage of the bank's secured credit cards. Below you will find some of the ABOC credit cards you may want to apply online.
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago CREDIT CARDS
Intro APR on Purch:
Intro APR on B.T.:
Regular APR:
Annual Fee:
0% (12 months on Purchases)
12.90% - 22.90% Variable APR
Credit Recommended: Excellent
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Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Credit Cards Basics

Amalgamated Bank credit cards are designed for consumers with good credit. They allow earning rewards on purchases and build credit history. ABOC credit cards are Mastercard cards which means the cards come with Mastercard benefits like zero liability and MasterPass.

The ABOC rewards program allows to earn points on every purchase. One dollar spent is one point earned. The rewards are flexible, meaning the more you spend, the more you earn. You can earn as many points as you wish and they never expire. If you want to redeem your rewards, you will need to register on their site - The redemption options are gift cards, statement credit, merchandise and travel rewards.

To those who have limited credit or want to build their credit, ABOC offers secured credit cards. The cards may come with rather low interest rates but the security deposit is rather high. The minimum deposit is $500 and it can be increased up to $5,000. The secured cards help build or improve credit history.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I qualify for the ABOC credit card?

The ABOC credit cards are offered to people with good to excellent credit. That means your credit score should be somewhere in 700s. If your credit score is not close to the recommended score, we would not recommend you apply for this card. And you will definitely waste your time if you apply for this card with bad credit. The Amalgamated Bank of Chicago also offers secured credit cards. These cards are good for those who are just starting their credit and for those who want to rebuild their damaged credit.

Where can I see my ABOC rewards points?

You can see your points balance in your rewards account at If you do not have access to the account, then you will need to register your ABOC credit card at ABOC Rewards. Once the registration is complete, you will be able to earn points, track them and redeem ABOC points online. The points can be redeemed for statement credits, gift cards, merchandise, cruises and airfare. Also, you can check the point balance by calling 1-800-927-0100.

How to apply for a ABOC credit card?

Firstly, you should find a credit card that is good for your current credit score. ABOC credit cards are only for good and excellent credit. After that you should fill out an online application form to apply for one of ABOC credit cards. By applying for an ABOC card, you authorize ABOC to obtain a current credit bureau report and to verify the information on your application. Once ABOC reviews the credit bureau and other information, a decision will be made. If you do not know your current credit score, you can check it with one of the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) or with one of the services that provide credit scores.